Babies 1st christmas

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Mama Dora Posts: 14987
I have 2 friends with new arrivals this year and a nephew aswell.Has anyone any ideas for something special for each of them(all boys)for their 1st christmas,a keepsake type pressie. thanks im lost what to get
b2bleigh Posts: 151
might not be wat ur looking for but smyths sell a plaster mould that u can do babies first foot and handprint then frame them... messy but fun... u could get that and babies forst xmas sock and bib and some other cute things and put them in a basket??
spring10 Posts: 174
I bought my nephew a Newbridge Xmas Decoration for the tree. It's the shape of an xmas stocking with photo frame so they can put a baby pic of him in it and hang it on the tree every year. It can also be engraved. Cost €7.50.
mrs august05 Posts: 949
two of my cousins have had babies this year and i got them xmas stockings with babies first xmas on them they are very cute they are in either blue or pink hope that helps :)
Miss X Posts: 1415
What about getting them a christmas stocking that they'll have forever? If you bought a really plush, large stocking and then get the baby's name embroidered on it. I got my god daughter a fab one in Harrods for her first christmas it was expensive but she's used it for the last 8 years and for many more to come! You could try the gift fair in the Rds this weekend they normally have lovely unusual gifts.
snozberry Posts: 1212
2 of my favourite babysites at the moment are - they have first xmas gifts too and - got an amazing personalized blanket for one friend and the fabulous photo album for another. Also though Penneys sell first xmas baubles - and Roches have the stocking and newbridge decorations aswell... happy shopping!
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
Thanks for the replies girls the mothers have bought the stockings already :cry: will have to get thinking as "times a ticking"
Judy Posts: 612
Mrs05 I had a thread set up back in July when I was looking for something different for my daughters first birthday, it was in OF but I havnt time to do a search sorry, anywhoo I got some fab ideas and bought 1. Theres an irish site called the day I was born that sell fab gift boxes that contain stamps, coins, a newspaper of the day the child was born and a cd of the no 1 in the country at the time all you need is the childs name and date of birth to order, also there is another site called empty boxes or smth to that effect that sell personalised toy boxes perfect to store all them other xmas pressies they'll receive! those sites may also have something xmas related to mark the first christmas but its been a while since I visited them and the links are on my pc in work. HTH Mrs Judy
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
Thanks alot Judy i will have a look now,its exactly what im looking for-hope im not too late :?
charli Posts: 5994
i have a two year old and the best pressies i got for her were the following, plaster cast of her 2 hands in a beautiful frame, my parents brought her to BT's to get this done, though it was 80e but the DIY set in Smyths is same principle. i have it on the wall and has her name and age (she was 1 at the time) the second pressie i love also mentioned above was newbridge. i think it cost 10/12e and i put a pic of her first xmas when she was only 3 months in it, it's a shape of a silver boot and you hang on the tree i put up my tree last night and this is her 3rd xmas and as years go on i know it will be really special. 8) i am sure your friends would love this especially if you had a little pic to put in