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over it Posts: 2779
Just wondering if any of you that have babies or are due babies or are trying for babies ( :babydust: ) have a dog. We're not trying or anything at the moment but I was just wondering how your dogs have reacted to your baby? My dog [u:d60bfhcq]is[/u:d60bfhcq] my baby and I fuss over her way too much I know. She gets a little jealous if h2b tries to kiss me or hug me so I'm a bit worried about a baby. She just barks at us and tries to nuzzle her head in between us. She doesn't bite or growl or anything like that. Actually I have never heard her growl. From when I got her I have taken her food off her when she's eating and have pulled on her tail, not hard now or anything just kind of annoyed her a bit when she's eating in case there was ever a baby or a child in the house that did this, and she's grand. She just sits down and waits for you to give her, her dinner back! Has anyone had any problems or has everything gone to plan? Thanks
Tedsters Posts: 1688
Hi, am preggers and have a dog which is also my baby :lvs Hubby always complains that the dog comes first in our house. Tedsters is a placid dog and is great with other people's kids so feeling pretty ok about sharing him with babs. Have a mad idea though - I wrapped up a teddy bear and coed over it and saw how Ted behaved around it to get him used to me giving my attention to somebody else. He was interested at first but then just settled down with a big sigh and looked at me with those big brown eyes as if to say you can't fool me!! hee hee hee
breeze Posts: 1175
Wheni had my first baby i was the same. We had a dog , still do and the nurse told me to bring a baby vest home for the dog, somwhen we did come home he/she would know the scent of the baby. When we did come home we never shoed (sp :-8 )the dog away. You have to remember that its the dog home aswelll so he is bound to be jealous. When the baby was around or feeding we made a bigger fuss of the dog. He eventually came around. As baby got older the dog was not bothered anymore, if bay came near him he just went off somewhere else
Septbride Posts: 380
Hi, we have two big babies in our house - my Parents even refer to them as the 'grandchildren' - everybody keeps saying to me oh they'll get a fright when babs comes along etc. Anyways I was watching a prog a few wks back and a girl was just about to give birth and she had 2 big dogs also - so they called in the 'dog whisperer' and he made some really valid points about dogs being treated as babies (appar. this is not good :-8 - as if we didn't know) He said to also bring home baby vest or sheet from hospital before you and baby come home so the dog is familiar with baby. BUT he said the biggest mistake people make when preg is they start to give their dog lots ofattention as they feel guilty so he said actually when you get pregnant [u:2wm4rjup]try[/u:2wm4rjup] and cut down a little on all the ott attention so as when baby comes the dogs won't blame he/she for the sudden drop in attention which no matter how hard you try is inevitable.... I prob don't make it sound that interesting but it really worked for this lady and dogs were perfect with baby!! Hope that helps!!! p.s. he also said that if you install a 'baby gate' to the main room you will be using, at least the dog/s can see you feeding baby etc. and won't feel like you are going away to hide this squeely little thing that just entered their life!!!
delly Posts: 36
i don't have a dog but my brother and sil do.he's a very placid dog and is great with kids.the first time we visited though when i had my baby he was very jealous when sil was holding the baby,he wasn't aggressive but very put out,whining and nudging her.this worried my sil who was 7 months pregnant at the time,how he'd react to a new baby in the house.i can honestly say they have had no probs since baby has been born,he just took it in his stride and has also been fine anytime i've been there with my baby.that said his freedom to roam around the house is less restricted now and is not allowed into sitting room at all.
Hepburn Posts: 4081
My parent's dog was 9 when my son was born. He was never the type of dog who warmed to strangers and only really showed his charactar around the family but let the odd growl and sloped off if visitors arrived. We really thought it would be a case of keeping him out when our son was over. You should see them now....they are like Scooby and Shaggy. They never leave each others side and the dog has become so much more playful again. He did raise a few eyebrows when our son started to crawl but they established their own relationship very quickly. I imagine it would be even smoother with you as the dog will be living in the same home as the baby.