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missc Posts: 875
Hi Girls, We have been ttc since last xmas and still nothing happening!! since then we have booked our wedding for next August. So now im gettin a bit worried about timing. Dont want to stop ttc as its taking us this long in the first place (being on pill for years was a complete waste of time) but also dont want to be "big" in wedding dress. Am so confused now. Is anyone else in this kinda situation?? :roll:
StarBar Posts: 24
Hi MissC, I know how you feel, we were in a similar situation, we had already booked the wedding and time was running out ttc !. My advice would be to go to the doctor now to get yourself checked over. We went to a specialist after about 6mths ttc, as at one point I had an 83 day cycle so knew there was something wrong !! :( turned out I had a large cyst on one of my ovaries which was suppressing ovulation. I was going to have a procedure to have it removed but turned out it went of it's own accord. I was perscribed the fertility drug clomid to kick start ovulation again and was preg within 2 months! :D I know most doctors say wait untill you've been ttc for a year before you come to them but I don't see the point waiting if you think there may be a problem, better to get yourself checked over now so you know where you stand. I don't mean to worry you, I'm sure you are fine, I think it will just make you feel better and if you did have a problem like I did then you will be doing somthing about it. Don't worry about the wedding, you can postpone if you need to, the way I looked at it was I could get married at any time but only have so many years to get preg! so we didn't want to stop ttc for the sake of a wedding. As it's turned out I will have 7& 1/2mths between having the baby and the big day which is cutting it a bit fine but reckon I can do it !! Anyway, take care & I wish you the best of luck. I know how upsetting and frustrating this whole ttc business can be but hang in there, am sure it will all work itself out in the end.
missc Posts: 875
Hi StarBar, Thanks very much for your advice, i will definately think about going to see doctor soon. best of luck with your wedding and pregnancy.