Babies bits at 23 weeks

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jarashow Posts: 3083
So I had my consultant appt today and I got a mini scan as I do each time. Only thing is a saw something between the legs, looked like testicles, now I read someone else saying that baby girls bits can look like that until the rest of the body catches up with it. Any ideas anyone?
chicam Posts: 1169
I think by 23 weeks genital are pretty much formed, but in saying that when I had my 21 wk scan I was sure I saw something between the legs but it was the umbilical cord caught between it's legs! The nurse wouldn't say either way if it was a boy or girl!
jarashow Posts: 3083
Could well have been that chicam. Well the consultant had asked before the mini scan if we found out the sex at the anomolies one and I had said no that we didn;t want to know. Now he didn't move away very fast so it may well have just been the cord. Will have to wait and see !!
chicam Posts: 1169
You won't be the first to see things at scans and begin to read into what it was believe me! I was sure it was the boy's bits until the consultant said it was the cord - unless she was lying to me!! Good luck with it anyway!
honeybee Posts: 624
It certainly possible to tell the babies sex from approx 19wks. My 21wk scan showed very clearly that we are having a boy. Perhaps ask your doct if you would like to know the sex.
bride22 Posts: 359
The girls Vulva can look really swollen at this stage, we were anxious to know what it was also and i thought it was a boy when she pointed out these "bits" but she was 99% its a girl. 2nd scan also said the same
jarashow Posts: 3083
Thanks ladies, will just put it to the back of my mind, as it could have just been part of the cord and the angle. Either way we will find out in Oct :o0