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wifetob Posts: 936
Hi Girls - Trying to get organised for our LO's arrival. What products would you recommend for bathtime? I'm not going to stock up on too much as I know it depends on the baby but I'd like to have some bits bought before baby arrives so any recommendations would be very much approciated. Thks.
Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
We were told for the 1st few weeks dont use anything other than cotton wool and water, even when bathing, we were also told not to use wipes unless they are the "water" wipes which boots sell as they have nothing but water in them and are great for cleaning the poo's, after that we plan on using Elave, its meant to be the most gentle skincare range on the market, we were told to stay away from the pink/blue and purple range of johnsons as they are full of perfume ect..... but was told the johnsons in the yellow bottle is good, theres soooooo much choice on the market nowadays its sooooo bloody hard to choose which is best for your baby O:| O:|
MrsDarcy Posts: 805
Hi wifetobe +1 on Mrs Summer re: the water and cotton wool thing. My midwife made a point of saying this to me at my last hosp visit too. No products for the first couple of weeks. I have stocked up a bit on [b:2ifqwuvc]Simple[/b:2ifqwuvc] baby products. I can't use the Johnsons Baby range myself except for the talc. Never could use it as I always came out in a rash, so will not be using it on bubs. I use all Simple products myself so decided to buy a couple of things for our LO. Plus they are cheaper than some of the Johnsons range ;o) I think if you want to use something, the E45 range of products is good, but I'm not totally sure about using them on new-borns, you could ask your doc or midwife at your next visit for advice. Or the Boots wipes as MrsSummer says. hth :lvs
Muse Posts: 1580
I was told recently to choose the plainest baby products you can find , ie. if you look for the most basic-looking packaging you can be sure that theyre not chock-full of madly perfumed ingredients.
jan8 Posts: 554
hey wtb ddn't think it's exactly waht you're asking about, but i use a tummy tub instead of a normal bath and it's honestly the best piece of equipment we got for our baby. we use bepanthen baby wash - no unnecessary extras in it!
jan8 Posts: 554
also prefer to use olive oil instead of baby oil - cheaper and much better for their skin!
breeze Posts: 1175
was also told not to use any wipes or perfumed products on babs. I used silcocks base when DS got older, both in the bath and then when he was dry i rubbed it into his skin. DS has really dry skin esp round his face, so use E45 creme now and it works a treat.
babymomma Posts: 175
Just wondering about the olive oil option. Never heard of this before. Do you just put the olive oil in the bath or would you put it on babys skin directly? Sounds a lot more natural than any of the other products out there.
Daff Posts: 11644
I just used water and silcocks base. Silcocks base is amazing, can be used for everything!!! Also didn't use wipes for months, had a bowl of cooled boiled water iwth silcocks base in it and used that with cotton wool. DD has never had any nappy rash at all. Even now we alternate each evening between johnsons bedtime wash and next night just silcocks base to keep her skin soft. Oh and it's not recommended to use talc wither cause the particles are too big her their little lungs.