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Lovemyboy Posts: 641
hi girls, we are trying to decide at the moment how much bedding, babygros etc we will need once babs arrives. we plan using a moses basket so how many spare sheets/blankets do we need? What goes over baby in the moses basket at night/during the day? It will be july/aug time so not too cold please god!! :o)ll also babygros/vests is this all baby will be in for first few weeks? how many sets would you need in a new born size? im sure i have much more questions than that ill be asking in the coming weeks as d day looms!! :heartbeat:
amberjack Posts: 1273
Hey Babyontheway, It's exciting when you start to shop for things! I have 7 Moses basket fitted sheets, although I'd say 4/5 would probably be ample, I just have a big massive drum in my washing machine so it takes a lot more to fill, so dont want to be wasting it with half loads. Re blankets, probably 3/4 cellular blankets as they have the holes in them to let air in, but be warned, you will get loads of blankets as gifts, so dont go overboard! Re babygrows, if you have a larger baby, most newborn ones won't fit, so I would maybe buy one cheap pack (Penneys/Dunnes) and then maybe 0-3 ones. I know a few people who have had babies over 8lbs and haven't fit into newborns. I'm not sure how many you really need between vests and babygrows as I have another few days to go, but I'm sure one of the more experienced mums will let you know. I have a fair few, but got a lot passed down from my SIL. Anyway, good luck, exciting times! Amberjack
spinning jinny Posts: 425
I got a two pack of fitted sheets for my mosses basket, mine is over 35yrs old so the sheets were heard enough to come by because it's a large mosses basket. So I got love cotton pillow cases which were so handy. Because your baby gets sick so much it was so easy just to turn over the mattress and use the other side of the pillow case, halved the washing..... I had bought two circular blankets. I got them in Guineys on recommendation, they are great big ones. I got one in Mothercare but it was very small. I'd get a set of three newborn baby grows and vests and the same in 0-3mths. That way you will be prepared for whatever size your baby is going to be. I ended up needing the newborn stuff and I got my sisters to go get me a supply after ds was born. If you only end up using 0-3mths you can return the newborn. Then again, I didn't believe in washing anything before hand so I could return stuff. It's very exciting times starting to prepare for your new arrival. Enjoy!!!
amberjack Posts: 1273
Meant to say, Guineys are great for all baby stuff, a 2 pack of moses basket sheets are 4.99 and they have loads of really cheap cellular blankets in various sizes etc. As spinning jinny says, pillowcases are meant to be great too, I have a few packed in my hospital bag!
brideeee Posts: 1490
Just a small tip=-pillow cases fit most moses basket matresses-you'll be changing them quite alot at the start so might be hard to keep up with all the fitted sheets you might need HTH xx b
Lovemyboy Posts: 641
ah thanks a mill for the replies girls!! great idea re the pillows as a fitted sheet must remember that one! :compress I had heard the guinneys were good for baby bedding etc, so i might trry there still have 14 weeks to go but jsut trying to get my head around all the things to buy, i still feel so afraid to buy anything though...anyone else the same? :hic the babygros i was kinda thinking one pack of newborns and vests and buy more if i need to than!! oh it makes it all seem so much more real! amberjack best of luck your almost there!! :o)ll
goinloco Posts: 774
don't go buying too many clothes, i couldnt believe the amount of stuff we got as presents :eek i won't need to buy anything for dd until she is a year old :o)ll