Baby bliss by Dr.Harvey Karp..... Excellent book

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lisa Posts: 1612
I just finished reading Baby Bliss (your one stop guide for the first three months and beyond) by Dr.Harvey Karp. It is absolutely excellent. He uses a technique called the 5 S's Swaddling, Side/stomach Shhhhh swinging sucking It is well worth a read. he goes back to quite traditional methods of settling your baby. I got it on amazon for E6.99.
Fifi Trixibelle Posts: 472
Thanks for the tip Lisa! :wv
TracyD Posts: 750
It's great isn't it ! Have a look at his videos on YouTube too so you can see how the swaddling is done. Tracy
lisa Posts: 1612
Saw him on an episode of Richard and Judy a while back so ordered the book. I love how simplified and realistic he makes things. He doesnt lecture or preach, just talks good old common sense. Well worth a read.