Baby boy has kidney problems!!!

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Jolee Posts: 567
Hi girls. I used this site so much when I got married in June 2007, since then I had a baby boy on the 4th May 2008. Im bridesmaid for my cousin next year so hence the reason I'm back here again! Anyway when my son was six weeks old we had to rush him to hospital with a high temperature and routine urine test showed a kidney infection. When he had a scan on his kidney it turned out that although his right kidney is fine his left one is enlarged, scarred and the tube going into it is far too wide causing reflux. Anyway he now is on Monotrim, an antibiotic until after Christmas! that will be 6 months. since starting it at the end of June he has had more or less constant diarrohea. Thankfully it is starting to be less frequent during the day but it is still not as solid as it should be! He also has to take Zantec sometimes cause of the acid reflux caused by the Monotrim. Apparantly he cant take gaviscon because it is harsh on the kidneys? Only other thing i have to do till xmas is rush a urine sample to the doctor every time he gets a temperature! Anywho i'm just looking to see if there are any other mammy's out there who may be going through or have gone through this and how they got on? So sorry for the long post... gold medal if you read it all!! Oh yeah - this is my second baby.. my first is nearly 6 - he is super healthy thank goodness, only 5 small antibiotics in his life so far! But my poor little 13 week chicken. My heart goes out to him! As if teething wasn't bad enough! :wv
mamabelle Posts: 1101
Poor little fella. Rough few months for you all. Hope things improve soon.
wifee07 Posts: 353
Oh the poor little pud'n. Did you try posting this over on mums and kids? They're so small and helpless at that age. Hope you find the info you need.
McMummy Posts: 1041
Sorry to hear about your LO I have no personal experience of this but know of adults who had serious Kidney problems (including one girl who was born with just one kidney) as a child and are now in full health.
Jolee Posts: 567
Thank you girls. I posted on mam's and kids. I know he will be ok. It is not a very serious problem but you just dont expect anything to be wrong at all do you? I really admire all the parents out there who really do have sick children to worry about. I met some lovely people in the hospital. We are all so so lucky! *)