Baby car seat dilemma...

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Perci Posts: 3847
We're planning on upgrading our car before the end of the year and not long after the baby is born. What do we do about car seats? Don't want to have to but 2 but we would need one at least for getting the baby home from the hospital? What do people who don't drive and have to get taxis or lifts do? Do taxi's provide car seats for newborns? Don't like the idea of having an unstrapped carrycot in the back seat...
mad woman Posts: 22106
Are you getting one of those prams with a car seat? you can just put the babes straight into that.
Perci Posts: 3847
No we're not going for a travel system, I want a car seat that can stay permanently in the back so there's not too much messing. I originally thought that 'one size fit all' but that's not the case I believe , they have to check that the seat is compatible with your car.
EVIE78 Posts: 687
Any car seat u buy should fit all cars . I am on my fourth car and my car seat fited them all. Also when I was leaving the hospital the nurses made sure I had a carseat to carry the baby out in.
luigi Posts: 867
I dont know what the law in the South is, but in the UK we arent allowed to let babies leave the hospital without being strapped in a car-seat or appropriate carry-cot. Some carry-cots can be strapped into the car and so are perfectly fine but most mums use an "infant carrier"- A group-0 car seat. Not every carseat is built for every car, but in general the majority will fit every car so dont panic about that. If you invest in a good group-0 it should be fine for the next car you buy too. :wv