Baby ceiling gro light???

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2010Mrs Posts: 991
Hi Wondering if anyone can help me find where stocks there, they are lights you use in your room for baby feeding time which fit into your ceiling light, enought light to feed baby but not too much to wake everyone??? At the moment have weakest bulb in side lamp but its still very bright, tried little torch but not enough
2010Mrs Posts: 991
anyone :o)ll :o)ll ?
Daisy Row Posts: 3650
Found this on another thread, its an email from Gro earlier this year; [b:1nue9i51]Thank you for your recent enquiry the Gro light is not currently in production and hasn’t been for the past two years. We were due to have a newer version available and a transitional change over of this product from old to new, however due to delays with various things it has been put on hold for the moment and we are unsure of when this will be re-launched but this is more than likely going to be the end of 2014 at the earliest. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause. Thank you and kind regards Amanda Smyth Customer Service Team[/b:1nue9i51]