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ellise Posts: 26
I know this will sound really, really stupid but I'm really confused!! What is the difference between baby grows and sleepsuits?? I have a week off work so I'm trying to get some bits and pieces sorted. All I can find in shops is packs of sleepsuits not babygrows. Are they the same thing or are they meant to be in something different during the day and then again at night even though they don't really have a bedtime at the beginning because they are in and out of sleep a lot. Sorry for being so cluless!!! :thnk
CestMoi Posts: 2162
Sleepsuits are babygrows, I remember being confused about what things I needed for a newborn. So you have vests, I only really bought short sleeved ones and had them on under a babygrow (which has long sleeves). At night time you'd have them in a vest, and baby grow, and then some blankets over them in the moses basket, I moved to the grobag (which is a sleeping bag for babies) then at 14 weeks when he wouldn't fit in the moses basket and I put him in the cot. For the first few weeks my DS was only in babygrows, I didn't really dress him because we were stuck in the house with the snow, and I was probably a bit lazy about it, because he kept going back to sleep so I thought it was most comfortable. My SIL commented that he was still in his PJ's and I took the hint then to dress him properly for day time :-8
MRS NYEB2007 Posts: 3275
think new babies are the cutest in babygros/sleepsuits - there is plenty of time to dress them up in "proper" clothes
redroses Posts: 714
Im open to correction but as far as im aware sleepsuits and babygro's are the same thing. i had dd in babygros all day and night for the first couple weeks.
CocoBeans Posts: 841
Oh, I got a gro bag for when they come home from the hospital - opps So it's a babygro and what sort of blankets? I'm hoping to use a moses basket at first. Sorry to hijack the thread!
CestMoi Posts: 2162
Well you can use the grobag from birth but there is a minimum weight limit on it. I don't think it would fit in very well to the moses basket though. In the moses basket, if I remember properly it was a swaddling blanket (I don't know if they are the right name) but just one sheet of cotton that I folded around him. I was swaddling his arms but PHN said their arms should be out. So I just lay him on it from his armpits down, and then crossed it over the front of him (like an envelope). Then one cellular blanket folded in two, and tuck this well in around the mattress. I think the midwife in the hospital bundled him up first and put him in the little crib, so I probably just copied what she did. Their hands do be cold, and my DS was born this time last year, so was there for the snow, but I kept the room warm around 18 - 20 degrees. It actually used to go down below the 16 degrees that at night so I'd keep a little oil heater on in the room on the lowest setting. Some people put socks on their hands, but I never did. Your told to feel their chest and that is a better indicator than their hands and feet that can be colder.