Baby clothes - newborn or 0-3months sizes?

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Toots12 Posts: 894
I've picked up a few bits and pieces of baby clothes so far, but will want to be getting more organised over the next couple of months. One thing I'm wondering though is whether to get stuff in newborn size or 0-3 months? I'm afraid that if I have a bigger baby, the newborn stuff will be too small, but then again if the baby is small, he/she will be swimming in the 0-3 months clothes!! I have a couple of babygros etc in each size, so it's ok for the cheaper stuff. but I really want to buy a snowsuit for bringing babs home in and just don't know which size to go for.... any thoughts anyone?? thanks! Toots x
totalnovice Posts: 787
its very hard tro decide isnt it. I am the same as yourself, have bought baby gros and vests in both sizes but for the snow suit I will go with the 0-3 months size. If i have a really tiny baby, worse case scenario can send gran to get one before we come out of hospital.
Jeidi Posts: 3128
My sister just had her baby two weeks ago and we had the same dilemma. In the end we got the majority 0 - 3 months, they are big on her but she'll grow into them and get a go off them then. If we had got newborn ones they would be packed away already. She had one newborn one in her labour bag in case babs was small but she was 8lbs 8oz. I'd gor for the bigger sizes... and one small one just incase.
chicam Posts: 1169
Hi, I was in the same predicament when I first started out getting clothes. I ended up buying about 5 babygros & vests in Newborn size and the rest I bought in 0-3 because apparently a normal size baby will grow out of newborn in a couple of weeks (and again, if the babs is bigger than normal, they may never fit into them!). As for the snow suit, I haven't bought one as when I went to M&S and saw a lovely one there, the "up to 1 month" looked perfect but the "0-3" looked huge but I didn't want to buy the 1-month one as it won't fit after a while. So I figured I'd leave the snowsuit until babs is born as a) I can see what size it is & if it'll fit into 0-3 size after a few weeks and b) I can then buy a boy/girl one rather than a cream or white one cos them colours I'm getting way sick of!!
mcglick Posts: 463
Im the same, have bought all baby gros and cardis in 0-3 months...just one seperate baby gro my mam bought which says 0-3 months but is TINY so would fit a smaller size /newborn.....0-3 seem very big when you hold them up dont they?!!!
Spooner Posts: 274
I bought all newborn stuff as I thought that it would fit a "newborn" however when my 9lb lady arrived it wouldn't go near her- best mate had to hit Dunnes for 0-3 months stuff for her.
kala Posts: 1937
i bought a few of each 0-3 and newborn to keep me going at the start and then when he was born 3 weeks i got my mother to buy me a whole load of newborn as hubby wouldn't have had a clue. he was 61b 2 oz and 3 weeks on still fitting into the newborn. 0-3 mths are swimmming on him.
wasy Posts: 453
Mothercare do 2 newborn sizes up to 7.5lbs & up to 10lbs so I have bought a couple of things in the bigger newborn size
silíní Posts: 4219
I'd say but a few newborn. My LO didnt fit into the 0-3 for a while, she was 7lbs
ainm Posts: 2211
I've only bought 0 - 3 months so far. I don't think i'm going to buy any newborn.