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archangel Posts: 113
Not even pregnant yet ladies and i cannot stop dreaming about being pregnant or in labour or just had a baby, is this just me!! My DH must think i'm mad. I thought i was mad when every night before the wedding for months i was dreaming about everything going wrong!! Please tell me i'm not on my own here
Salander Posts: 1639
I dreamt on and off about being pregnant or not being able to find the child. now im pregnant im dreaming nearly every night about shagging someone, Brian Cowen being a memorable one or the lads from top gear on a busy night! dreams are weird!
archangel Posts: 113
Ha ha ha ha!!! I mean, it's getting crazy, i think i just need to get pregnant to stop having all these crazy dreams. Most of the time i've had the baby but noone will let me near it and it is so distressing, i wake up feeling exhausted.