Baby DS has a hernia

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luigi Posts: 867
:o( Since he was born DS has had small hard lump on his abdomen and I had asked in the hospital a few times if it was anything to worry about but they said no so I didnt question it further although have been keeping an eye on it. However it never went away so today I asked my own GP while I was there for an appointment for myself if she would take a look at it. DS is as pleasant as anything anyway and thought she was going to tickle him like we do so started giggling and smiling to the doc and I was so pleased when she said how lovely a baby he was. But she felt the lump and said she wants me to make another appointment as she thinks its a hernia. She did say that it isnt hurting him and to her it doesnt look serious at all and that it is something he will probably grow out of, but Im still really worried even though she was really reassuring. Has anyone else got any experience of hernias in little boys?
Sugababe* Posts: 988
Hi luigi Hernias in little boys are really common and easily treated too. Try not to worry as they are easily sorted out,some boys grow out of them while others might need them treated. My friends little fella had one as did my little bro years ago. And they both just grew out of them
Novice Posts: 458
Hi Luigi Millymoo is right its quite common and you should try not to worry. My Godson had one and he grew out of it. It looked bad but it didnt bother him. Just keep and eye on it. He'll be fine...
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
Hernia's are very common in little boys. I think it's almost a given that most little boys get them. DH nephew was born with one and he had a little op to get it sorted. Very minor procedure and they let you home the same day. My friend's little boy had one to and had same procedure and was home same day also. Try not to worry at all about it.