Baby Elegance Beep and Car

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philcarey Posts: 1
Hi, My wife and I have bought the Baby Elegance Beep and we are currently waiting on it. My wife drives a Ford Ka but we are changing to a car that has 4 doors. It has to be a relitively small car as my wife doesnt feel comfortable driving anything bulky. We were looking at the VW Polo but I am worried that the boot wont take the buggy. Just wondering if there is anyone out there that has the Baby Elegance Beep and a small car. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
I am very interested in this too as I also have a ford Ka and need to change. We tried a ford fiesta and found that while the buggy fitted into the boot if I took one wheel off the car seat wouldn't fit in. The seat belt was too short. I always thought seat belts were standard size so bare that in mind also
veggie1 Posts: 30
i have this system ordered and the girl said it fits in to a clio. i've a golf so no problem with space there. also if you get a car where you can turn air bag off in the front you can put car seat in that for the first few months.
Nov Bridie 09 Posts: 967
Just bought one at the weekend and fits in my golf no problem. With the polo - I think once you take the wheels off, it'll defo fit. Not sure about a Ka as that's a v small boot isn't it? It is narrower than most of the 3 wheelers so not sure what would fit in a ka. Never thought of seat belts being too short... but in the baby elegance shop in Dundrum, they told us there's an isofix base due in Sep, which would solve the seat belt problem...
Mrslovealot Posts: 656
Oooh delighted they are doing a Isofix base! That's great. Also the pumpable tyres are due out soon too - worth getting. I have the Beep since last week and did have a Polo and I think it might be a little tight to be honest. But as one of the other wollies says, if you take the wheels off it might work.
jadem Posts: 1787
Were getting this and i have a polo,the buggy fits in wen u take off the wheel,its jus slips off and easily goes back on.We did a test run in shop,were getting the isofix base upgrade wen it comes in which will be be brill as the seatbelt is so awkward as its half way up the window wen put around carry cot