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ttcin07 Posts: 20
can anyone recommend which brand to buy baby products? ie bottles, sterilizer etc. also, where did you all buy them? Argos seem to sell a lot of stuff, has anyone any experience of buying baby stuff from them?
luigi Posts: 867
The thing about Argos is that when you're making such a big purchase you want to see the things in real life; you want someone to show you how to fit the carseat and how to fold your new pushchair. The prices atrent that competitive either, Personally we bought ours in a specialised pram shop (and got 10% off that we wouldnt have got in the big stores) I used Avent bottles and picked these up beforehand while doing my shopping in Tesco so didnt notice the cost. Avent were grand, but Ive already decided that I'll try NUK next time because of the orthodontic teat shape and the fact that DS liked his NUK dummy.
ttcin07 Posts: 20
Ducky Posts: 2506
I researched the mums and read the websites and compiled a list of what everyone recommended and got what we could afford from different places. I got all nursery furniture and buggy from Mamas and Papas; burp cloths, bath thermometer etc from mothercare and bottles, steriliser etc from chemist. I ended up switching from Avent to Dr Brown bottles due to colic and wish I hadn't bought so many Avent bottles in advance. Also bought dummies but she won't take them. Bought formula too but that was changed as well so a waste of money. Don't buy too much beforehand. Buy loads of size 2 nappies in advance, wipes if using them and loads of babygros as all presents will be fancy ones or outfits, which is great but they prefer to sleep in cotton babygros. Also buy loads of 0-3 vests with no sleeves, much easier to put on and first line of defence when nappy leaks. Also: for YOU: Few get into normal clothes and a lot maternity gear will look weird after birth. Buy linen trews in Dunnes in a size larger than pre pregnancy and a load of T-shirts (I got Next ones, funky but comfy) in 2 sizes up (for big boobs) for afterwards. I lived in them and still wear the T-shirts as have found that am back in trousers but not tops due to boobs being much bigger than when pregnant and I'm not feeding !!!!!