Baby folded "feet to face"

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BusyMom Posts: 717
Hi girls, as my ticker says, I'm 21 weeks on number 2. DS1 was textbook in every way (pregnancy, delivery etc etc) and we had our anomaly scan on #2 last Friday. Growth/organs etc etc all perfect but consultant did mention that baby wasn't in the traditional fetal position (i.e. legs bent) but was infact had its legs straight and so its feet were up by the head, as opposed to down at the hips. Has anyone else had a baby in this position at this stage of their pregnancy? If so, did it rectify itself? Did the baby go breech or normal position later in the pregnancy? Did you deliver normally with the baby like this etc etc. I know I should have asked my consultant more questions but it's only since the scan that I've started thinking about it more, and am annoyed with myself for not asking more questions! Typical! Any experience would be appreciated!! :)
HelenOC Posts: 96
Hi, I don't know anything about the delivery but my baby was the same way when I had my scan at 22 weeks. The sonographer kept commenting on its long legs so I put it down to that! She didn't seem to think it was anything to worry about anyway. Afraid I haven't had a scan since but at my last appointment (28 weeks) the consultant said the baby was breech- which he said was nothing to be concerned about yet! - so they probably just move the right way up as time goes by.. Or at least I hope so!
mamadotie Posts: 884
DS was exactly the same at the 20 week scan. I had another scan at 30 weeks and he had moved to a different position. Sonographer said it was normal at the time. EDITED to add: Oh and delivery was totally normal.
funkyfish Posts: 7626
ds was like that he did not move the entire pregnancy. :wv
Dancing Queen Posts: 2591
My baby was like that at 24 week scan and next time I was scanned at 28 weeks he/she was in the normal position.
BusyMom Posts: 717
Thanks for replying girls - I had never heard of it before so was a little nervous (& curious too I guess!) Fingers crossed the wee one does a nice twist in there and sorts itself out, another scan at 26 weeks so I'll know more then! :)
MrsGPants Posts: 835
Baba no.1 for me, and i have the same thing. Scan at 21 weeks and baby had both legs out straight over its head, had to have a repeat scan at 23 weeks and stubborn babs was still in same position. Sonographer gave me the impression that it was more 'inconvenient' rather than problematic though.
funkyfish Posts: 7626
ds looke funny when he was born. he kept his legs up at his ears for a few mins... :o0