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nwhite Posts: 216
Just looking for some advice. I am living in Waterford and we don't have a big selection of baby furniture. I like to see the furniture displayed instead of looking at it in a brochure. Is there anywhere in Cork or Waterford that have a big selection of baby furniture on display. Thanks ladies.
nwhite Posts: 216
Sorry that should say Cork or Dublin that have a large display of furniture
arsenal09 Posts: 286
hey nwhite, i'm from waterford aswell and we went to cork to get our nursery furniture as in waterford you only have smyths, world of wonder and the shop in town near car park. In Cork we went to Smyths & Tony Kealys out near airport roundabout and a place called Barbars Prams & Cycles which is 5 mins from both of these, we got our nursery furniture on sale there, they do a wide range of M&P stuff. Tony Kealys have quite a bit of furniture aswell. Happy Shopping, i see you don't have too long left :)
neeov Posts: 4256
Tony Kealys has nice displays of full ranges done up like little nursery rooms. So cute. Mothercare in mahon point has some furniture but mostly has cots etc. They don't have full ranges including wardrobes etc on display. Smyths again don't have full ranges displayed. All these shops are very close to each other. Barbars is a little hard to find, might be worth ringing for directions.
nwhite Posts: 216
Thanks ladies for the advice. i think i will be taking a trip to Cork maybe next weekend. So Tony Kealys and Smyths are out near the airport are they hard to find. I will also go to Mahon point and barbars. Arsenal09 yes my time is going really fast and i see you also are nearly there. Your little one will be here in no time.
neeov Posts: 4256
Tony Kealys and Smyths are in the same business park. If you come off the south ring to the Kinsale road roundabout they are off the third exit. Have fun shopping!!!
Sharon2010! Posts: 64
Did you try and see what Lillywhites in Wexford have? They do some fab stuff