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Ms HP Posts: 617
Hi girls my friend has recently had the most beautiful little girl born with DOWNS. Can any of you recommend something I can get her that she will really benefit from a toy or something or even something I can get her mummy?? Thanks in anticipation :wv
Weird Cat Lady Posts: 3501
Any of the usual presents would be welcome, I'm sure - little Lamaze toys, pop-up book with pictures etc.; our one loved these. We were given a few meal vouchers by mates, which helped usher us outta da gaff for a few hours.
30something Posts: 644
I second the suggestion to buy for the parents. The baby will get plenty!
Flower Girl Posts: 1645
Agree with the above suggestions, Ms HP; babies with Down's are very much typical babies in the early days so all the 'normal' gifts are appropriate and welcome. My nephew has DS and got lots of mileage out of the usual things. The parents are likely to be a bit shell-shocked, especially if the diagnosis wasn't known prenatally, so something for them would definitely be appreciated. Food is always good.
tilsun Posts: 4506
Our daughter was diagnosed with Diwn Syndrome at birth. It's lovely that you want to get a special gift, but what I most appreciated was people treating her as any other baby. Any of the usual toys, clothes, vouchers would be perfect. In the early days I wanted little or no mention of Down Syndrome, just lots of congratulations, oohing and aaahing. Your friend will know you're there for her and her baby.
kila2008 Posts: 678
I would go with the normal baby stuff for the new arrival and perhaps do a little 'sleep' hamper for Mummy with a nice Pjs, fluffy socks, lavendar candle, etc and most importantly a 'baby-sitting voucher' offering to mind the little one while your friend uses the stuff and catches up on a few valuable hours of sleep :)