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bride22 Posts: 359
Which do ye all prefer. Love Lucy but any time i mention it to my people at work they give me a look that says no way !!
Delish Posts: 4176
Lucy = feminine and pretty, easy to roll off the tongue and suit most surnames, I like it. Zoe = generally I'm not mad about it, it very much depends on the surname that will go with it. Erika = quite unusual, I can't imagine that it is over - used, it's pretty, rolls of the tongue and there is something strong and independent about it. It's my fav .
bride22 Posts: 359
Thanks Delish . Great feedback on each..
MammyC Posts: 3621
I love Erika, Very nce name for all of lifes ages, Lucy is reall cute too and Id put that at second, i dont like Zoe because I knew a crazy girl called Zoe once! ha ha! Seriously all lovely names but Erika is def my fav! :wv
MummyLuv Posts: 2478
Voted Lucy ....but am biased (my name!!) love all three TBH but think Erika is my fav but still love Zoe too all really nice names We're down to two now Alex and Nicole
mrs.smiffy Posts: 1747
I voted for Zoe but I like Lucy as well. not so keen on Erika, it's one of my christening names (spl?) and I find it way too old fashioned (in my home country only ppl around 50 and older have this name).. :-8
Barbara Ann Posts: 1032
Hi Bride22 I think Lucy would have to be my favourite. :o)ll :o)ll Its a beautiful name. I liked Zoe until I heard someone really common calling out the name and it put me off. :eek I suppose if you want to be different then Erika would be nice too. I'm stuck on Lucy, think its lovely. Best of luck. :wv Let us know what you decide in the end.
mummytime Posts: 3149
All really really nice names, but i'd rate them as follows No 1 - Erica No 2 - Zoe No 3 - Lucy That said, I do really like Lucy. I just prefer the other two. Good luck with your decision!!
rushinbride Posts: 1097
Ì prefer Lucy!!
xlexi Posts: 595
I think Zoe and Lucy are really cute names.