Baby in her own room / SIDS risk ?

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curlysu Posts: 811
I was talking to a friend today, and I was saying that we've put our 6 week old LO in her in room to sleep. She looked all shocked, and asked me if I was sure that was a good idea with the SIDS risk Now I hadn't heard of that risk, and its made me worried. We had lots of reasons for putting her into her own room : i wasn't getting much sleep with all her grunting and twisting & turning, our room is really small, so when DH was going to work he was tripping over the crib. We had put her in her room for naps during the day, as we live in a small apartment, and there was no "quiet" corner...and she needs peace & quiet to get to sleep. she was sleeping great during the day, so we decided to try it out at night, and honestly, its been great, she's been sleeping longer stretches So what do ye think girls ? Should I "suck it up" and keep her in our room because of the SIDS risk (which i don't really understand i must say, i must look into it more).Is 6 weeks too soon to have her sleeping on her own ? According to my friend, "the experts" say you should keep them in your room till 6 months
Doozer28 Posts: 881
I must look this up too, would the risk not be the same whatever room she is in?
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
There's a theory babies regulate breathing by hearing parents breathing. I guess you're also physically closer in case of emergency too if the baby is in your room. We moved baby to her own room purely because we weren't able to get the cot into our room and she'd outgrown the cosleeper. She was about four/five months and started sleeping all night shortly after. We had the angelcare monitor with the sensor mat for reassurance.
LittleBean78 Posts: 123
I read up on this during the week and yes technically you are supposed to have the baby in the room with you until they are 6 months. But they do say if space is an issue, to put baby in it's own room and have bedroom doors open, keep them away from windows/radiators etc (for overheating). - this is a fairly good website. I think if you have a monitor you can't really go too far wrong?
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
Yeah, the guidelines now are to keep baby in with you for the first six months and research shows that, for whatever reason, the risk of SIDS is reduced if you do this. It's worth noting that, again for reasons unkown, the risk of SIDS peaks between two and four months old - that seems to be the age that many babies die from it. However, the risk of SIDS is pretty low anyway, and the main factors are babies sleeping on their tummy and maternal smoking. Our baby is still in our room now at 7 months and we are thinking we'll move him soon. He's moving more in his sleep, babbling a bit and shifting around, even though he's fast asleep and it's disturbing us more. I'd often get out of bed at 4am cos I'd hear him shifting around, throwing his legs in the air, only to find him soundly asleep like. So I think we'll move him with a monitor soon. I'd say in a small apartment wtih both doors wide open and a monitor on and all other safety regulations adhered to (sleeping on its back etc) that it'd be just fine OP, so I wouldn't worry too much. But yes, your friend is correct.
SandyClaws Posts: 3108
No advice here-ds is in his own bed in his own room but wakes most nights looking for me. Sure me, the bigger eejit, gets in beside him. It works though, we all get sleep. Do what's right for yerselves OP
wollysocks Posts: 1773
[quote="Smileykaz":261k8zjv]Yeah, the guidelines now are to keep baby in with you for the first six months and research shows that, for whatever reason, the risk of SIDS is reduced if you do this. [/quote:261k8zjv] Yes, we got a booklet or leaflet from the public health nurse explaining about SIDS and some of the factors known to give some protection.One of them is to have the baby in the same bedroom as you until 6 months. We did- and way way longer... :-8 no sign of moving out baby and she is nearly 18 mths. However, I guess like all advice, people take it on board or not and do as they see fit for themselves and their family.
mrspiggy Posts: 1289
It is to do with regulating breathing and with the mother being close by it helps. We kept DD with us until she moved to her cot at 6 months.
katiebaby78 Posts: 679
We moved out lad out at 5 months but back in at 6 months because it was Christmas and I REALLY missed him. My DS2 is 3 weeks old and we'll aim for 5 months again. I read too that the regulate their breathing by listening to the mother. I think 6 weeks is awfully early to be in a room by themselves. I wouldn't be doing it before 4/5 months anyway.
babydust2012 Posts: 4736
We moved DS in his own room at 7 weeks simply because he was sleeping through the night at that stage and I was waking him up "checking" he was OK?!!! We have a tiny 2 bedroom apartment so basically even with him in his own room he was roughly 6 feet away from me!!! He wouldn't have been much closer even if he was in our room!!! I have to say DS is a brilliant sleeper, even now he loves he sleep so I'm not sure if moving him early had anything to do with that or not? I think the main risks of SIDS are the sleeping environment (bedding, position in cot, position in room etc) so as long as all those bases are covered I'm sure your LO will be perfectly safe. Obviously keep the monitor on full blast so you can hear her and if you are like me you'll be popping in and out during the night to check her too.