baby in oblique position - help!!

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leopardess Posts: 906
was anyones baby in this position and then moved? mine has been in this position for 3 weeks now and no sign of budging. was just with midwife (gp's office) there and she has me worried now. im only 32 weeks but she said if baby is still in this position at 35 wks my consultant will prob start talking about a section at 37wks as if my waters break the cord goes down first! after having emerg section with DS and really hoping for vbac this time im really upset now. to me it seems like theres still loads of time for him to move still but shes "concerned" and said i have to contact my consultant. i rang one of the midwives in my consultants clinic and she said she will let consultant know but there is still time for him to move. does anyone know how i can get him to move? i have spent a good bit of time in last 2 weeks on all fours but this hasnt worked. anything else?
Jolee Posts: 567
my friends baby was like this too. her DH took her out on the usual sunday drive (to her MIL), they had to travel down some v bumpy roads. Anywho, the bumps in the road knocked the baby back into place for her, Happy accident! I hope your baby moves for you, esp if you want a normal delivery. Good luck!!