Hi There I just wanted to let you know the date of my next baby massage courses in Mahon Point shopping center in Cork. The course will be 5 weeks long (1 Hour each Monday) and will cost €120. Note that up to €100 is redeemable from VHI, Quinn Healthcare and Hibernian Aviva Health– Please check your policy. The Dates are as follows: Monday 19 nov: 10:30 Monday 26 nov 10:30 Monday 3 dec 10:30 Monday 10 dec: 10:30 Monday 17 dec 10:30 Baby massage is excellent for ALL babies especially those who have colic, reflux, wind or constipation. It is also very beneficial for babies that have special needs (Physical benefits) or who are adopted (Increase bonding). My classes are very informal - I generally take a very relaxed approach to teaching baby massage followed by a cuppa and a chat afterwards therefore Its a great way to meet other parents too !! If you would like to know more or would like to reserve your place in either class please feel free to contact me on 0861009115 [email protected] - you can pm me here or check out my website on http://www.babychi.net Please note that class sizes are limited and are open to both mums and dads !! Rachel XX