Baby measuring 31 weeks at nearly 32+5 week check up..

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cuba Posts: 16
Just thought I'd post this here to see if anyone has had similar experience? I had a hospital appointment & scan yesterday, I'm 32+6 but around babs abdomen is measuring 31wks.. Now my DS1 was born full term weighing only 5'10"oz and within weeks was diagnosed with a rare medical condition and low birth weight (zero body fat) was the main early symptom.. Because of this all my care on this pregnancy has been in the hospital and I'm scanned at every visit to check the growth of the baby.. They are sending me for a detailed growth scan in 2 weeks so we will know more then and I know that babs could have a grown spurt in the meantime and all could be well, but I must admit my head is spinning a little with the thoughts of our new baby having the same condition as DS which requires round the clock care and treatment and I'm already a bit overwhelmed at the thought of havin 2 LO's under 14months!!! Having said that im trying to stay positive as its just such early days... Anyway Has anyone got any experiences with measuring small at this stage? What did the hospital do? Just monitor more closely? Advise on early delivery? As far as we know there is nothing we can do if our LO has the same condition and keeping him in the womb is probably best alround but would love to hear from others just to inform myself... All experiences welcome.. Thanks in advance.. Xx
jewellb Posts: 2389
cuba im sure your very worried as you already have a little boy that has a problem with body fat and now your been told this baby is a week and a bit small, i have no experience but didnt want to not reply, my cousin the whole way through her 2nd pregnancy was told her baby was 2 small im not sure of all the in 's and out but i know she had to have regular steroid injections, she worried the whole way through the 3rd trimester, now her little girl was 5.10 when born but is a real tank now, the docs are prob concerned because of your little boy but have the told you what the likely hood of another baby having the same condition? i hope at your next scan the baby has got bigger, im no expert but a week behind doesnt seam like a lot but you have a genuine reason to be concerned. hopefully someone else will have more info to give you :lvs :lvs
Mrs W Posts: 2923
Hi Cuba, I have no experience either and I'm not sure if this is the same thing but at my last appointment on tuesday the doc told us we were measuring 22.5cm (i'm 24 weeks) she said it should be one cm per week give or take 3 because of growth spurts and different growth directions etc. If the hospital are aware of your previous pregnancy and babies condition then I'm sure they will be doing everything they possible can and you are in the best place. Hope everything turns out ok
theoracle Posts: 7664
That is not a huge difference to have and I am sure they are just dotting their 'i's and crossing their 't's and doing their due dilligence. I would take consollation in the fact that they are keeping a really close eye on you so that they can manage whatever situation comes up. It doesn't at all mean that anything is wrong, just that they are micromanaging your pregnancy to be sure to be sure. Wish you all the best for the rest of your pregnancy.