Baby measuring big at 33 weeks

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kaifer Posts: 236
Hi all, I'm just back from my doctor's appointment and am trying not to freak out!!! My baby is measuring 2.9 kg (6lbs 6 ounces) at 33 weeks plus 4. Is this not massive?? My first son was a big baby too, he was born at 4.2kg at 40+6 weeks so I was expecting another big boy but I'm worried that this is too big too soon. My main concern is that with DS I was in labour for 32 hours before I ended up getting a section, they think it's because his head was too big (36.5cm). I'm terrified of having the same experience this time but at this point my doctor is completely ruling out a section, he says there is no need to worry. Um, he's not the one that has to do the work here!!!! Just wondering if anyone can calm me down!!!!
BusyDee Posts: 8527
I think a lot of the time those weights are only estimates - Ive yet to hear from someone saying that they got the weight spot on! Everyone Ive spoken to were told they were having 8/9lbs and ended up being 6/7. TBH theres nothing you can do about it so try not to worry :thnk
ontheway Posts: 432
Try not to worry about the weight estimates, they can be off by as much as 20% which is alot when you work it out. At this stage too your LO might just have had a growth spurt and still be measuring similiar in a few weeks.
kaifer Posts: 236
Thanks for the answers, I've kind of calmed down now. As you say this baby will come out one way or the other :) Plus, if he gains the average 200g per week between now and the due date, that will bring him to about the same size as DS1, which we were expecting anyway. It was just such a bit of a shock as he's nearly doubled his weight in 4 weeks :-8