Baby measuring big for dates

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notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Hi i had a scan at 18 weeks and baby was measuring 18 + 4 so that was grand. I had another last week at 28+3 and baby was measuring head - 31+3 femur - 31 abdomen - 30+3 so between 2 and 3 weeks bigger and weighed approx 3lb. The doc didnt seem overly concerned he did all three measurments twice and when i questioned him he said not to worry. Around this stage with my DD they were concerned cos she was very small but im only 5.1 and 8 stone so i wasnt too worried - she was 6.10 when she was born 10 days overdue. Doc said id have another scan in 5 weeks and would see then. I know its not an exact science so im not too worried just wondering has anoyone else experienced the same at this stage and what was the outcome.
Toblerone Posts: 2698
Sorry not much use to you - did you try posting this on the Mums and Kids thread as the mammies may be able to answer you better. I know from my SIL's experience that her dates changed all the time with the various scans and sonographer wasn't too worried. just said that babies grow at their own speed and they'll keep eye on babs and like you offered another scan. :wv
Crostini Posts: 1105
at my 18 week scan his head was measuring 19.6 weeks, femur 17.3, abdomen 19.6. consultant said nothing to worry about at all! and that it was just a very healthy baby. he didn't change my dates or anything. I wouldn't worry about it!