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porshe Posts: 1359
Ok another question (I really need to pop this baby out soon :o0 ) What monitor are you all going for? I know the angelcare monitor is supposed to be brilliant but I am not altogether to sure I want the sensor pad part etc.
steen Posts: 1335
Porsche you are due today :o)ll We went for the Angelcare monitor as we have two friends who have it and swear by it.
porshe Posts: 1359
Am due today thank god!! but nothing stirring yet. Has anyone tried the tommee tippee monitor?
09Dreams Posts: 260
I'm like you and really don't want the angelcare sensor! I was recommended the Tomy Walkabout Platinum Digital, apparently it's very good and doesn't suffer any interference from other household appliances like cheaper ones can. Best of luck with the birth!!
porshe Posts: 1359
Thanks a mill Dreams will check it out
tras Posts: 1460
Hi there, I had a Tommy Tippee all along, was like you and thought the sensor pad was a bit OTT,didn't like the thought of it. BUT- we are after going out and getting the angelcare one now that I'm pregnant again. The reason was that I was at a paediatric first aid course and she was describing sleep apneia (sp) and how easily it can happen....just felt then that if anything ever happened and we had rejected the idea of a sensor that we'd regret it forever. Have only had it a week and using it away with our 10 month old and it's great- it is a bit annoying having to remember turn it off before lifting her out but definitely will never wonder if she's alright when she's having a longer or deeper sleep than normal.
BeanieBride Posts: 31
Hiya, my lo is 2 months and am so glad bought the Anglecare. It's just really reassuring. Can just turn over in bed and look at the little flashing light and know she's okay. My sister who is an emergency healthcare professional bought one after I told her about it and she wouldn't be without it either. It also functions as night light and room thermometer (sp!). Any of the functions can be switched off (e.g. can use sound, light and room temp without the sensor pad)
bluebell78 Posts: 202
Hi - I bought the Tomy Premier Walkabout monitor, I got it in Argos in the north for 35 stg, it was on sale reduced from 55 stg, which was a bargain. The cost of the exact same product in Argos here is 57 euro, your still saving by buying up north. Hope this helps :wv