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IckleStar Posts: 362
Please give your opinion on the following , if you have used either one and have found them useless i would love to know...have seen mixed reviews for both so i am currently none the wiser I originally chose this one as it had all i wanted in a monitor Tommee Tippee Crystal Clear Deluxe Model ... 008&sr=1-4 but now an overhelpful SIL O:| is [b:1t75gt34]insisting [/b:1t75gt34] i get this one and that she wants to get it Philips Avent ... roduct_top thanks Wollies
lindy Posts: 1135
Hi i had the tommee tippee and never had problems with them if she is buying them for you let her but i dont see the big deal once you can hear your baby cry thats all ya need ..... *)
wombats Posts: 665
I would recommend a digital one because it has no interference and really clear. You can hear babs breathing on it which is reassuring.
redwifey Posts: 2932
I have a BT monitor and they are excellent - no interference at all.
fabcards Posts: 541
we bought a tommy one but have since bought the angle care one...i would deffo recommend having one of these.It gives you such peace of mind knowing they are ok has the heart beat monitor pad that will go off if there are any problems with LO breathing.....u might think its a bit over the top but i wouldnt be without it now.....our Little fella can e such a light sleeper sometimes that if we go into his room to check him he wakes...having this monitor we know hes ok so can just leave him....also felt better about putting him into his own room knowing we had the heart monitor pad
MomToEmandJ Posts: 1977
hi rosco we got the BT digital one looks great, tried it out as well when DH niece came to visit at 4 months, her parents were that impressed they bought one too.