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bree Posts: 1880
hi - just wondered what monitors you use/used & how u found them? we have standard Tomy ones, they are ok but buz abit too loudly for my liking ( light sleeper ) & anything interfers with it , couldnt possibly have it on in same room as laptop as would be deaf from it!!! is there such thing as a monitor with two baby units & one parent unit. gonna get new ones for new baby & just taut one parent unit would make more sense & have a unit plugged in with each baby also - anyone have the monitor with camera? would be very interested in this too ( but s-i-l has it & says it gets lots of this the case with them all? ) .... would be very handy with Dd
NewGirl Posts: 1143
We have gone for the summer camera monitor after my sil recommended it, she felt it brilliant especially when babs went into his own room, she didn't mention anything about interferance.
iseult Posts: 82
Hi We have a BT digital monitor. There's no hissing from it and it has great reception as we have all concrete walls and concrete upper floor. The parent unit has quite a short battery life though, so it needs to be in the charger more or less all the time.