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expecting! Posts: 14
Hi there, I need to buy a baby monitor for our house. We have concrete floors upstairs so I know certain ones dont work through them. Can anybody recommend a monitor that they are using that works through concrete floors (Holocore) Id appreciate any help with this as I dont want to go out and buy one to discover then taht it doesnt work! Thanks in advance.
Emomc Posts: 2069
I have bought the Angelcare. We have concrete floors too but TBH I never thought this was an issue and just automatically assumed they would work regardless??????????? Bleedin hope so as mine were v expensive!
happycamper78 Posts: 46
i bought the summer best view monitor in tk max on wed..its 209 euro in argos next door and its 139 in tx max..its supposed to be the best one i was sooo chuffed with the bargin..i couldnt believe it when i saw has a huge range and the pic quality is unbelievable.
problemchild Posts: 196
Just be on the look out on prices. I bought an ordinary Tomy one yesterday in Mothercare. E39.99 in Mothercare versus E48.99 in Smyths.
milis Posts: 7998
one of my friends has concrete floors upstairs and she got the angelcare monitor, no hassle with it at all! I hadn't actually thought about the concrete floors causing a problem! Thanks!
Mrs.G Posts: 1828
not sure about the floors but went with the angelcare monitor... the one that you put the sensor monitor under the baby in the matress...meant to be v.good.