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mcglick Posts: 463
Hi girls I am 26 weeks on Thursday. im just wondering how much you all feel movement at this stage? I get a few flutters after breakfast and again after lunch. Then a good bit of juggling around in the evenings, but in between nothing much at all. I defo do not feel anything at all when im moving about during the day. If I wake to go to the loo during the night i would get a bit of movment. Maybe im expecting too much at this stage. i worry when the girls here say "getting lots of movement" or "baby kept me awake for hours last night" cause I dont get that at all....... Am I panicking over nothing ?
chicam Posts: 1169
Every baby is different really. I found that it wasn't until after the 30 wk mark where baby ran out of room that the movements became a bit uncomfortable and could keep me awake at night time. Up until then the movements were just 'noticable' just like you described yours - but don't worry they become way more noticable once the baby gets bigger and runs out of space!!
MrsK07 Posts: 454
Hi mcGlick My baby definitely doesn't keep me awake at night, yet. I feel kicks at various times during the day and then at times nothing. I feel the kicks more when I am relaxed at home in the evenings. I think it depends how the baby is lying as well. When I had my scan at 20wks + 6 I could see the movements as baby was facing outwards but I have a feeling it is facing inwards at the moment as the kicks are more like a popping feeling. I also get alot of pushing and pressure on my stomach as well which can be quite sore at times. Hope this is of some help.
tweetykar Posts: 220
mcglick, i'm a few days ahead of you and i've the exact same as you. baby seems to be facing inwards also like what MrsK07 described and i'm getting a more popping sensation, kicks to the bladder and a rippling effect in my tummy. at this stage the baby has a more defined sleeping pattern so thats why you can manly predict the mornings, lunch and eve movement. I also find i normally get activity after eating, bit of a sugar rush for them! :wv
mrssunflower Posts: 3651
me too I'm still only feeling the popping or ripples maybe only once a day. Don't feel a thing until I'm sitting down relaxing.