Baby movement & pains on wk 36

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Astra25 Posts: 83
Hi Girls, Am 35+3 at the mo and last night the lo went mad movement wise for well over an hour. Really vigorous, I am actually sore from it like bruised inside. Today I am kinda crampy but also have dart pains in my "personal area". Wonder is this BH and baby after engaging a bit. Just curious if any of ye are experiencing/experienced this? Look forward to hearing from you. O-O
baby peanut Posts: 810
BH are a bit more like tightenings all over your bump. But the pains could actually be baby beginning to engage. I feel very tender on this pregnancy with baby moving a lot, I was putting it down to this baby possibly being bigger and stronger than DD. Could be wrong though *)
chicam Posts: 1169
I'm 34+5 now & had major pains a week ago like really bad period pains. I ended up going to the drop in centre to see a midwife about it as I was convinced it was labour starting! Turns out it was ligament pains due to the babys head engaging. I've had weird pains ever since but am putting them down to BH and general aches & pains in the run up to baby's arrival. Get it checked out if you're really concerned, and I guess watch out for discharge and a show in case labour does start early.
Rocky Posts: 465
Hi Astra, Im not cramping but am feeling way more pressure in that " area" too so i think that the baby has moved down for sure. so you're not on your own :wv rocky
whackywoman Posts: 1496
sounds like the LO is getting ready for the off and is finding its way out Remember that pain well Good luck with it all the time will fly and then you will be worrying about am I feeding enough, winding enough, kissing enough, saying I love you enough etc....
Astra25 Posts: 83
thanks for the replies girls. Things still funny since Thurs. I am after dropping a bit too and today have period like pains (mild) and its like waves across tummy as well. gone now but were there for bout 2 hrs. Starting wk 37 today so /i suppose lo is gtg ready for road. TMI have extra discharge too.