Baby movements stressing me out

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Gingham Posts: 3014
hey, I am 33 weeks and the last two days the baby has been so quiet... I had abit of a manic weekend so I was absolutely wreaked yesterday so thought that might of been what was up but this morning again nothing and last night was the first night in ages i had no movement throughout the night, well none that kept me awake... anyway just drank a glass of fizzy fruit water..only thing i had and i counted ten movements thankfully... Is this how it will be in the last few weeks? I know it prob does not have much room at this stage but the stress of it!!was nearly on my way into the hospital..
EmmaFitz Posts: 151
HI dh, i could have wrote this myself !! Im just starting my 34th week and baby due 22.11.09, and like you movement has really slowed down a lot, it is very worrying but I have read its normal at this stage due to room restrictions !!! Once we are getting some form of movement that is the main thing. Its such a worrying 9 months. Try not worry too much xx
babyblaBBer Posts: 2448
i think this is normal. i'm nearly 36 weeks and movements are defo less and have also changed. a couple of weeks ago i was getting serious kicks, often loads in a row. now just get the odd (strong) poke, as if baby is stretching its legs or something. am totally paranoid about it too as at our ante-natal class we were told to go straight to hospital if we think there is no movement. having said that she said 10 movements in a 12 hour period is plenty and that's even if it's 10 in a row and then nothing. hard not to worry but i think if you just pay a bit of attention every day you'll be aware of them.
Gingham Posts: 3014
thanks girls for the replies... since I drank the fizzy water I have got well over ten movements but its kinda gone quiet again... must just have very little room..I get the odd massive movement like something coming out through my belly but that about it. A few little flutters aswell... suppose ill just have to keep an eye on it from now on and make sure I am getting the ten. Will this worry and stress ever end!
goldie. Posts: 1233
Read in one of the books that if you don't feel movement in a while to take a glass of oj or milk (and maybe a biscuit or something sweet) and to sit down for an hour. The bit of sugar will wake the baby up.
jmeath Posts: 5740
Hi girls, i got my week 32 info yesterday and it says from now on babs sleeps 9-95% of the this along with less room...mind you they say you should count 10 movements....all very confusing
Fifi Trixibelle Posts: 472
I think this must defo be a stage deliriouslyhappy, I am over 34 weeks now, and last week was really really quiet... However, when I got up this morning, I was noticeably bigger, and as the baby is apparently putting on half a pound a week now, I suppose s/he needs loads of time to snooze while growing! I had been concerned, so I mentioned it to my doc, and she said don't forget that the baby needs to rest. She said you won't notice the movements as much during the day, and to count it when ur sitting down or resting. So far, today is the busiest the baby has been in a while, but it's more like a sudden burst of loads of energy, and then longer quiet periods. The worrying will never end!! :o0
shellrex Posts: 571
I have the opposite complaint! Baby never stops moving!! They do get quietier as they approach a growth spurt so that is probably what your experiencing delirouslyhapply. It is hard not to worry :xox
HappyMe Posts: 727
I was told to pick an hour in the morning (when babs will tend to be quieter) and an hour in the evening and count the movements - you should get around 10 in each hour. Often I will think there hasn't been movement in a while and once I sit down or lie down on my left side I'll start to feel the movements. Midwife also told me that baby at this stage is sleeping about 20 mins in an hour so you may need to be patient! Saying all that if you feel that there has been a big change from the typical movements there is no harm in going in to the hospital for a quick check to make sure everything is ok. It'll put your mind at ease and the hospital I am going to anyway said to me that they would prefer me to be overcautious than ignore anything.