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Sticks'nStones Posts: 401
Well girls - do you have names picked? for those of you who have kids did you know beforehand what you would call the little one? Would you go for a name in the top 20 of the CSO? I love thinking of baby names and have loads in my head, the thing is we will (hopefully) only have 2 more so I will never get a chance to use even a tiny portion of them. Give us an idea of some of your favourite names. MPA
charli Posts: 5994
i love Charlotte, Charly for short or Charlie for a boy (hence my username!!!!) also Ruby is lovely
melly Posts: 141
Hi Mpa Dont start me...Me and hubbie have tons of names we love buit they are all girls names...we have 1 boys name....Its mad.. When you say you hope to have another 2 ...does that mean you already have a child?
aliwac05 Posts: 40
Hi Girls, I same position!! My hubby and i have loads of girls names and only one boys name that we can both agree on!!! We have rachel or erika for a girl and mark for a boy!!!! any boys names out there would be appreicated!!! I like Cillian for a boy but he hates it!!!! :roll:
Mrs Bloom Posts: 7
Hey, we're the opposite we have 1 girls name 100% agreed on - Sadie as for the boys, we just can't decide but the list includes Andrew, Alex, Luke and Cormac to name but a few... have a feeling I'm having a girl though :wink:
Guest101 Posts: 261
God MPA... I hope you don't have any more than 2 either otherwise you'll have to find someone to give them to... I guess your parents could always take the extra kids... it would be awful if they got in the way or your first son could probably adopt then. Then again I'm sure you probably know all about contraception at this stage.
MRS H TO BE Posts: 1410
Trolley you are one nasty nasty bastard. If you think saying something like that makes you sound funny then god help your sad little soul. Mrs MPA, love the names Eabha ( ava ), Ailbhe & Sasha, and have a thing for the name Clayton :oops: don't ask me why, h2b thinks its a right hillbillies name!!
Sticks'nStones Posts: 401
There are some lovely names there, I never even wrote what I like. Currently I suppose top of the list for a girl is Mia, and for a boy I love Charles, however tomorrow that will probably be different. I have always loved Molly, Hannah and Sophie for girls as well. I find girls names so much easier. For boys I would also consider Ned, Alex or Christian. It is great to read what other people like as well. MPA
yadayada Posts: 1066
I think we will end up giving our kids numbers instead of names...anything I like hubby hates and vice versa :lol: My top choices would be Zara and Zach. I also like Ciara, Eve, Sarah nad Rebecca for a girl and Adam for a boy.(thats this week :lol: ) Hubby loves Tara & Zena :shock: for a girl and Sean & Rory for a boy. Ah sure when the time comes we'll have 9 months to decide :wink:
booboo Posts: 622
I like sophie , chloe and amy for a girl...... Like ryan , ben and luke for the boys....