Baby pact teenagers in race to become mothers

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yada yada Posts: 1598
Britney's little sis had a baby girl on Thurs and has apparently sparked a trend.... check this out from todays Indo - it's mental... ... 17858.html
NemoFish Posts: 2501
What the hell??? Whatgoes through their heads? At least its not a suicide pact or anything like that though. They might be happy with this?
she Posts: 3298
Morans!!!!Wait till their up at 3 in the morning feeding baby :o0 :o0
secret2012 Posts: 1134
i heard these girls came from poor backgrounds where they didnt get a lot of love- so this was their answer. which is quite sad actually. they obviously have no clue about how much work it involves (neither do i- i only babysit and am glad to hand back the baby!)
Delish Posts: 4176
Jaysus th ewolrd is full of nutters
milis Posts: 7998
Read this in the paper yesterday. Fair play to the chemist for reporting the number of them buying pg tests! One of the girls picked a random homeless man to dtd... that's very sad.
mollyeile Posts: 2486
God love them - they haven't a clue what they are letting themselves in for. I hope Jamie Lynn is honest about how hard it is (though she can afford help) and make others relise it's not all fun and cuteness.