Baby's movements slowed down

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gniddew Posts: 276
Hi Girls, Is it normal for the baby's movement to slow down at this stage. I have really noticed a difference in the last few days. They are definatley not as vigourous as before. I don't want to be worried unnecessarily. P.S. The baby is breech and I have been using the moxibuston to help turn babs. Would ye think this would have anything to do with it. I thought this was to increase fetal activity not decrease it.
Elliecat Posts: 2725
I think that because the baby is bigger at your stage they have less room to move around so the movements aren't as strong. Even at this stage I've noticed babs having the odd quieter day - although there's still the odd kick that makes me gasp now and again.
swissgirl Posts: 2301
Ive definitely read that this happens due to lack of space. But you should ring the hospital or vhi nurse if you are very concerned. Not long now!
sally Posts: 1140
My baby was breech couple weeks back and I had very little movement except right down at my cervix but was a bit worried about it. Once she turned I have been getting loads, she is getting a bit quiter this week though as I guess she is running out of room. Do you know if your baby has turned yet? I did lots of all fours positions and sitting on the gym ball and swimming belly down.
gniddew Posts: 276
I had a scan last saturday and it was confirmed that the babs was breech. Hoping this moxibuston will work. Abit sceptical tbh.
NewGirl Posts: 1143
I have definatly noticed a slow down in movements. Some days it will be quite active but other days very little activity. try taking something sweet like a bottle of lucozade and lie down see what happens, this should cause more movement. Sally I was looking at your ticker and was thinking God she hasn't long to go only to realise I'm only a couple of days behind you :o)ll
sally Posts: 1140
Girl I know tried the moxibustin and it worked for her, I have great faith in acupuncture as it helped me get pregnant so you never know. There is still time for your baby to turn so fingers crossed for you, do all the positions and keep up the moxibustin and you never know. Newgirl.... didnt realise we were so close, will have to keep in touch over the next few weeks... how are you feeling. Must say im not enjoying this bit of pregnancy. Heartburn and indegestion killing me now and got a rotten cold which wont shift so pretty miserable. Starting to get excited about meeting baby now, hope we wont be waiting too long.
gniddew Posts: 276
Hi thanks for the replies girls. The movements have picked up again. Babs must have been having a lazy few days!!!! Not long to go now is it. Doesn't stop you worrying though. Still at the moxibuston sticks. Have to do them outside as they stink to high heaven. Wouldn't mind but its blooming freezing these nights. I have an appointment this sat so fingers crossed in all this the babs will have turned. I hope that its not wishful thinking that because the movements have changed the babs have moved. It getting exciting now :o)ll