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pie Posts: 61
Hi Girls, Trying to decide on what to buy for baby to sleep in from birth. I want to get something for upstairs and downstairs, to avoid carting all stuff up and down every evening. I plan on keeping baby in our room for at least 6-8 months, so want something sturdy enough, that baby will be safe in. Our room isnt that big, so space is a bit of an issue. Then when baby is about 8 months we plan to move baby to its own room, and will get cot bed. But just wondering what are my options, or if you have any suggestions on what baby could sleep in for the first 8 months in our room? Was looking at this hammock thingie ( ... 0001_14689) - have any of you used it, or any reviews on it. Think I'll use moses basket downstairs, but this will last only 3 months at the most. What do people do then, for daytime npas. Would you put baby to sleep upstairs after that?.Have also been thinking of getting carrycot for quinny, initially didnt get it, but now thinking would that be best option for downstairs naps.. Sorry for all these questions just a bit muddled on whats the best options, between moses baskets, carrycots and cribs etc, and what age baby normally sleep in their own room?
Mammyof2Princesses Posts: 3745
We're the same with the limited space in our room and want to have babs in our room for a good while anyway, we've gone with the co-sleeper universal, supposed to be brilliant if you are intending on BF too, For downstairs were initially going to use a moses basket and then either the travel system or a play pen for day time naps. HTH
babybliss Posts: 437
I have been thinking about the same... I have decided to put the cot bed in the baby's room and use that for day time naps. I will also get a crib for our bedroom, which I hope will last at least 4 - 5 months. We also purchased the Quinny carry cot, as I am hoping to go for lots of long walks with the baby to get rid of the excess weight I have gained :o0
Maybump Posts: 527
We got one of these cribs for our room as moses baskets don't last very long. My nephew only lasted iin a moses basket for about 3 weeks. ... 0001_14053 I plan to leave crib in our room for first few months and have a cot bed in the babies room. I hope to use pram part of travel system downstairs for day time naps. [url=] [img:2zbrbinq];19;96/st/20090426/dt/5/k/aebc/preg.png[/img:2zbrbinq] [/url]
pie Posts: 61
Thanks girls for ye're replies.. Really thinking of getting the dreami now too for day time naps during our lovely summer days we are going to have this year!! (I have a good feeling we are in for a scorcher.. )My mom bought me the Quinny, she was shocked when i told her, the carrycot wasnt included in the price she paid for it.. Hope the quinnys are really worth it.. Going to check out the co-sleeper too Dub bride.. I am very very limited in the space we have. I would have to see one first before i purchase.. basically we only have a little space beside our bed at mo, with the two lockers and bed it pretty much take up all space, so lockers might have to go.. Going to call to baby shop at weekend, and hopefully will have better idea then..