Baby stays at one side?

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SandyClaws Posts: 3108
Just thinking there girls, I'm 29+3 and baby has mostly stayed at the right side, now it's head down (slightly to the left) and bum centre/right so all my kicks are at the right. So my right side is really hard with baby and my left side is soft. First pregnancy so do babies do that? Just curl up on one side and burrow in there for the long haul?
GoldStar Posts: 775
Once you''re getting your movements I wouldn't worry! Babs obviously found a comfy spot! On DS towards the end I could feel him moving from one side to the other, and always used get my kicks on one or other side. On DD she was OP, so used get movements all over!!!!!
VirgoMam Posts: 66
Hiya I'm 33 + 2 on my first baby so no idea what the norm is, but my babs has been on the left for the whole pregnancy! Just moves up to my ribs and down again but hardly ever to the right! Weird, but not worried about it. No idead if LO is head down yet, I really hope so! Will find out on Thursday :)