I have a baby just shy of a year. I incorporated a couple of photos of him into our wedding invite. A friend texted me & said the pictures were “so cute” & that he looks like a “big chubby toddler”. So what I hear you say?! Coming from most people that wouldn’t be much although I wouldn’t be delighted if anyone called my child chubby if I’m honest! He is in fact the opposite he’s a tiny tiny child. Anytime I meet a doctor they comment in it & he’s had to go to see a specialist because of it. Despite always mentioning her own child’s weight a lot my friend was very dismissive of this & said it was “so strange”. My son was on the bottom centile at the time & still is. She definitely wouldn’t have said that if it was her child. He looks bigger than he is in the picture I took but a “big chubby toddler” seems like an exaggeration. Coming from that friend I find it hard not to take it as an insult. She is obsessed with baby weight & I’m 100% sure would be very insulted if anyone implied her child was chubby not to mind said it. She’s also very sentimental about her kids getting older. I perhaps stupidly said it to her & she said the opposite ie she loves when people call her child chubby. She also said she should have known better than to comment on a baby as she’s used to dancing around her in-laws. I said listen it’s not a big deal forget I said anything. I really regret saying anything but I am upset. I have PMS so I am a bit more sensitive at the moment but I think I’d be a bit upset anyway. It’s such an odd one & a first world problem but it’s my baby & my wedding invite.