Baby too big for my Stature?????

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honeymoonbaby Posts: 896
Hi Ladies, I am 32 weeks pregnant and a bit confused. From the very beginning of my pregnancy I have had a big bump. My due date initialy was July 25th but at each scan it was reading 15th of July my gynae said that we would leave it at July 25th but he moved it last week to July 15th. He also commented that there was a lot of fluid around the baby, they said this at the big scan too. He is sending me for another scan next Monday as he thinks the baby is still too big for July 15th as an EDD and also that the baby is too big for my stature. If the baby is too big does anyone know what they do? Thanks for your help.
motherhubbard Posts: 3037
Hi Honeymoonbaby, I've no personal experience but my sister is a smaller stature then I am, 5ft 4 I think and had to have a section for a 10lb3 baby. Not sure if that was just her doctor or the hospital policy. Probably based to discuss with your doctor and see what he thinks. Best of luck :wv
jellybaby Posts: 2316
I think that what they do will depend on your doc. I'm only 5ft and DD was a big baby, always measuring ahead on scans, huge bump and a lot of fluid also. I'm seeing midwives rather than doctors, and they're of the opinion that the baby can't be too big for you, iykwim. I went into labour myself and DD was delivered with the help of vacuum, so it can be done. This baby is measuring big as well, lots of fluid, etc....but I will be left to go on my own again this time... I do think though, that with docs, they would tend to opt for a section.....or at least, induce you early if he thinks the baby is 'too big'.
honeymoonbaby Posts: 896
Thanks Ladies that is very reassuring I am not really bothered myself about the size or how I have it as long as the baby is healthy. He also told me there was a lot of fluid around the baby so I was afraid there was something wroung with it so it is good to know that this isn't the case. I have another scan next Monday and then back with the gynae two weeks later at which stage I will be 35 weeks so hopefully he will know more by then.