Baby Video Monitor - recommend one?

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BabyDreams Posts: 211
Hey guys.. Am over on TTC myself but my brother and his wife are due their baby in the next few weeks. I wanted to get them one of those Digital Video Monitors. Are they good and can anyone recommend a good one? Thanks a mill.
YoMammaSo Posts: 3256
I dont know what ones are good i cant recommend one as im looking to buy one mysef but i was looking at this one , it has the colour video monitor and also shows the degrees in the babys rroom [img:ixolalzi][/img:ixolalzi] ... -prod.aspx
motherhubbard Posts: 3037
We used a video monitor, we used the Lindam model. We found/still find it excellent as we have concrete flooring between our floors none of the other video models would work. So just be sure to confirm with the shop you buy from that if you bring it home and if you have no luck because of interference or range etc that you can bring it back. We must have bought 3 different models and brought them back before we tried the Lindam one. We have it now 2.5 years and it still works but the receiver/parent side took a couple of knocks over the years and the sound can kick in and out so we are going to get a new one for this little babs, but I would recommend a video monitor all the way and one that shows the room temp is an added bonus as ours didn't. We had a separate room temp monitor in his room, so we had to go to the room to see what it was.