Baby wipes for new borns

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missc Posts: 875
Hiya girls, There are so many wipes to choose from and a lot of people say cottonwool and water is best but dh cant stand cottonwool at all so thats outta the question, so i was wondering which of the "pure as water" wipes are the best to buy?
mammybean Posts: 10364
IMO higgies wipes arent worth a slap, the Johnsons are fine and i havent tried the simple ones, i preer the pampers sensitive one though.
jellybaby Posts: 2316
I'm another one who couldn't stand cotton wool (uuurrggh, just thinking of it gives me the creeps!! :o0). We used Huggies from the beginning and I have to say, I've always found them fantastic. Never had problems with them breaking and have always found them to go a long way, you don't need to use handfuls of wipes at each nappy change. The only other kinds I ever tried were Johnsons & Pampers - I didn't use them on DD though, I got them (Pampers) free in an Eumom pack and used them to wipe my own hands first (as I did with the Huggies to test them), and found they were very, very harsh. The Johnsons were scented, so I didn't want to even attempt to use them with DD. HTH
2006_lowkey Posts: 141
have tried them al and to be honest not much difference so I get the tesco sensitive ones - they have plastic openr and also are much cheaper.