Baby wipes refill boxes

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mimmie Posts: 601
Does anyone know where I can buy one of these boxes???? It doesn't have to be pampers-just a box to fit the wipes into. They are on the pampers website but I can't seem to order them. I have looked everywhere! Thanks :wv
aston Posts: 4100
I got mine I think in Boots, it is a pampers one. To be honest I only used it at the beginning for a little while and dont bother with it now at all so wouldnt really recommend them at all. The packs are grand on their own. There is a sale on pampers wipes in Supervalu at the mo.
dandeloin Posts: 376
I think I saw a Pampers refill box in Heatons not so long ago, for €3/€3.50 incl. the wipes (it was the green pack..)
no 2 2013 Posts: 361
i got it in my local discount world, pampers one, think it was only 2 or 2.50 including a pack of wipes