Babylo Toscana Furniture Range

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cabbagepatch Posts: 32
Hi girls, Im just wondering if any of you have bought this, or have any feedback? Its available in Mothercare and from Bella Baby, and we are thinking of buying it in our local Nursery supply shop. Any opinions/feedback greatly appreciated
twinpeaks2 Posts: 77
I got this range, mainly based on how practical the wardrobe is. There is loads of storage in it. Can't see the point of a regular wardrobe with one bar for tiny clothes and no shelves. The wardrobe in this range has two drawers, one long wardrobe side and one shorter one with shelves, plus a shelf on top. Loads of room for stuff. The only thing about the cot bad is the sides aren't collapsible which I didnt realise when buying (as I was so taken withe wardrobe!), but not too worried about it. It looks great in or nursery anyway and I'm really happy with it. Lots of room in the draers in the changing unti adn the changing part comes off easily so you just have a lovely set of drawers then. We had it delivered flatpack and put it together outrselves. It was fairly straightforward, wardrobe is hardest of the three. Cotbed and changing unit are easy enough. The boxes are heavy enough so get someone to lift them with DH, don't lift them yourself or help even, as there is a lot of weight in them. Paid €779 for three delivered. Was cheapest we found.
cabbagepatch Posts: 32
Hi twinpeaks2, Thanks a million for your reply. I love the practicality of the wardrobe too - I can imagine it will be very handy. Our local nursery store has the range on offer with a good mattress for €799, so it's much the same as what you paid Id say. We actually had a Mamas and Papas set ordered but went to see it in Dublin at the wekend and the colour was awful - very yellow/orange wood so we cancelled it. I really like the look of the Toscana range, and thanks so much for the advice re the sides of the cot. :wv