Babys Heartbeat at 16 weeks

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shell1 Posts: 38
Hiya ladies, I was just wondering if someone could help, Im just over 16 weeks pregnant and went to my doctor last week for a 16 week check up when he used the dlopper on my belly he found the heartbeat just above my belly button on the right side is this to high at 16 weeks??? driving myself crazy thinking it might have been my heartbeat O:| but when we were talking he said it was a good strong heartbeat. also im goin public to the hospital which means i got a combined obstertric card to bring to the docs and the hospital for them to fill out each time i have a check up and on this he put down on the F.H it was 134 is this my babys heartbeat or something else. sorry for going on a bit :-8 just would like to know I would love if somebody could clear this for me thanks xxxxx :lvs
pinky winky Posts: 564
That is exactly where my Gp found my baby's heartbeat at 16 weeks. It is easy to tell your own heartbeat from the baby's because the baby's heart beat is much faster that a an adults.
MRS NYEB2007 Posts: 3275
That would be the fetal heartbeat which would seem normal. I bought a hi-bebe doppler and have been finding HB everyday just below bellybutton on right hand side - hope its babas anyway its got them same swooshing sound that they found on the scan.
shell1 Posts: 38
Thanks girls, I just cant help worring about my baba wish i could look inside every now and then to make sure everything is ok :lvs
theoracle Posts: 7664
The ultrasound sensor does not have to be placed directly above the baby to get the heartbeat. Much more important is the angle of application. That si why you sometimes see the person listening in with teh doppler staying in one spot but changing the angles that the sensor is pointing at. That is why it is possible to get baby's heratbeat from a higher position than that of the fundus. I am sure all will be fine with your baby, wish you all the best!