babys heartbeat slow

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Midlands Mum Posts: 871
Girls When i was at my GP app this afternoon she said she thought the babys heartbeat was a bit slow, but then it picked up when she gave it a nudge she said. Im at home now and havent felt the baby move in an hour. Am getting a bit stressed here. Im a private patient and have my consultants mobile number but i dont want to be bothering him (i know that sounds stupid) can i just have your advise on what i should do. Thanks
Baby Mad Posts: 1756
Give your consultant a call if only to put your mind at ease. There's no point in stressing yourself out. Did the GP say everything was fine?
babe06 Posts: 898
Ring him - or ring the hospital and talk to a Midwife. Honestly they are brilliant - I had several "scare" like that during the last few weeks and each time they brought me in and checked me and i was reasure then. Please ring them now - there is so much they can do
Midlands Mum Posts: 871
Thanks babymad, yea she said my BP was low and the head was down but not engaged. I dont know why i dont ask questions when i go into the doctor but i always seem to go blank. O:| Its only now when im home im freaking out a tad. Maybe ill call the consultant just to be sure. Thanks
Baby Mad Posts: 1756
You do that pet, don't have yourself stressing over the weekend. I'm sure everything is fine, baby's probably having a lazy day. Best of luck :wv
Midlands Mum Posts: 871
Girls Rang the hosp and they said to come in and get checked, and bring an overnight bag just incase :eek . Freaking out a bit more so rang DH and then babs kicked :lvs just gonna ring the hospital back and let them know its ok. Jesus i was panicking there for a minute.
Baby Mad Posts: 1756
I'd head into the Hospital anyway pet again just to put your mind at ease. Best of luck :xxx
Me Julia Posts: 1352
yeah, still go into hospital just to be on safe side. Im sure alls just fine but no harm checking.
under construction Posts: 3458
Perhaps go in anyway and just get checked to truly put your mind at ease - sure there is no harm in it. Take care
Midlands Mum Posts: 871
Hi Girls Only getting logged back on now. I didnt go into the hospital cause babs has been moving around, and ive the two kids at home with me and had nobody to mind them. Im feeling fine, but ill keep an eye on it tmrw, and ill go in if i get worried. Thanks for your replys ladies. :wv