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dancerformoney Posts: 2733
I just found out hubby was 9 pound 6 when born! is there any correlation between parent size at birth and baby size? dunno if i can do a 9 and half pounder! sure that child would walk out!! :eek
Calla Lilly Posts: 183
I was told it is alot todo with the health of the placenta but my dad was 5lbs when born and alot of my cousins/family were small. My bubs was a premie so was small but they had predicted he would be small even if full terms. A MONSTER now thank god.
Duesept11 Posts: 81
My DS was 10 pounds 8!! Both DH and I were average babies at our births - about 7 and a half each. BUT DH's brother was a big baby in his day - 9 and a half. Saying that I was told all throughout "big baby", but then let go 10 days over before initial induction began so maybe if I had gone naturally a week or two earlier he would not have been that big.Because I defo know from the scales in last two weeks I put on a few pounds - saying that alot of the weight was possibly fluid retention. Anyhow DS is now very tall for his age(2) but quite a slim build. So, I think alot of different things come into play regarding the baby's size, and your baby may take after you not DH at birth! HTH
MRS NYEB2007 Posts: 3275
I fricking hope not - DH's family were all born with schoolbags on their back - one of his sisters was 13lb and she had huge babies O:| O:| O:| I was 3 weeks early and 6lb 3 - so a little nearer my weight would be nice
dancerformoney Posts: 2733
oh i hope its average size. the scanner at 12 weeks told me he (dont knwo sex, easier to say he!) was measuring 13weeks! i know its only week but maybe was the start of it, or else he'll just be tall. hubby and brothers are all over 6ft. and all born over 9 pounds. my sisters are all small like me so maybe i'll have little babies. i suppose my body will give me what i can cope with. duesept11, did you deliver your son the regular way or section?
Duesept11 Posts: 81
Unfortunately it did end in emergency section for me, but the baby had turned breach and cord was around the neck too, so it was the best option at the time. I didn't have a problem after section tbh, and baby was fine once born. Most likely will be elective section this time. Consultant will decide this week. I know a girl who had eleven pound baby. Had quick labour, delivered naturally and had what she described as an "easy" delivery - no need for any help/extra measures - the baby was actually quite skinny but REALLY tall. Seriously try not to worry about the size I know people who would be very much on the "large" size (both parents and aunts/uncles) and yet they have much smaller babies. And remember a big baby in womb may be very long/tall so this would add weight and yet not really impact on labour/delivery. Try not to worry about it. Scans too are often out as babies go through growth spurts and then slow down and speed up again. So in a few weeks you could be measuring bang-on for your dates!
dancerformoney Posts: 2733
will try not to worry. your right about growth spurts and then go-slows. im sur ewill be fine! thanks to all for your replies!
Marpat Posts: 1784
My husband was 12 lbs. My father was over 13 lbs. My two boys were 8 4lbs and 9 11lbs. This boy will probably be a bit bigger. But honestly both labours were ok and the bigger baby was actually easier and faster than the "smaller" one! Good luck!
Daff Posts: 11644
I was measuring ahead from 23 weeks. At 32 weeks DD2 was measuring 35 weeks. Don't worry they have growth spurts all the time. Even when in labour they kept asking did I feel bigger this time and what size was DD1. DD1 was 8lbs and I had second degree tear. DD2 was 8lbs 5ozs and no tear so it really doesn't mean much. It's the inital size of their head where they crown is all that matters. Once you've got the head crowned the rest just slides out - so a long baby with a small head will be easier than a short baby with big head.
Marpat Posts: 1784
congratulations daff! Delighted to see your news. We had broadband problems in work for past couple of weeks so I'm all over the place catching up on news!!