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tinyfeet Posts: 3482
Has anyone gone here for a 3D/4D scan? After my very quick scan with the CUH yesterday I was a little bit disappointed & would love to see my babs again & we were considering booking a scan here. For girls who have had it done, would you say it's worth the money?
SaJa Posts: 4282
I had my 3D/4D scan done there July 2008. They are absolutely lovely there and the scan was amazing. They give you loads of pics and a dvd of the whole scan. It costs €200 for about 20/30 mins. I would definitely recommend eating or drinking something sugary before going in so that baby will move around a bit for you. Our little one was asleep so didn't do much moving. Get it done, its fab.
phananta Posts: 330
I had a 3d scan there a couple of months ago, and i'd say it's definitely worth the money, expecially if you've been left feeling like you're on a bit of a conveyor belt at cumh, it's really nice to not feel rushed, and have loads of time to look at babs on the huge screen, and the people there are really nice. We wanted to find out the sex, but babs was being a bit bashful, but the lady spent ages waiting for him to turn roundand then got really delighted when he showed himself to us!
tinyfeet Posts: 3482
I think we are going to have to get one. I have heard nothing but good reports. It sounds amazing. I'm all excited now :o)ll When is the best time to go? On the website it says between 22 & 29 weeks so maybe at around 25 weeks?
thurleslady Posts: 414
hi ladies i also have booked to a scan there on week 24 i rang them for an early video scan and they only do it 22 -29 weeks so i booked it for week 24 i know its early for me but i am so excited i cant wait and it is great to see the positive reports here best of luck everyone !!
doolittle Posts: 910
We had a scan done there when I was 26 weeks, OMG it was fab and he was exactly the same as the pic of his face in the scan! We found out it was a boy too which was brilliant. I was ablt to hit the Xmas sales and shop for a baby boy!
married08 Posts: 226
I'm on a cancellation list for ballincollig at the moment, next appointment for 3d scan was 20th August and I'll be too far gone by then (currently nearly 28 weeks). So I'm having one done in the Cork Womens Clinic in Wilton on Tuesday. I had my anomaly scan done in wilton aswell and they were lovely there. Just another option for you if you can't get Ballincollig.
tinyfeet Posts: 3482
Well I booked my appointment! :o)ll Booked it for Sat the 5th Sep. Ill be 25 weeks. I'm so excited now!! :o)ll :o)ll
tras Posts: 1460
Married08, how much was the anomaly scan?