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Toblerone Posts: 2698
Hey all, does anyone know what these shops are like? I want to see the Offspring travel system in the flesh so was going to head at wkend to one of these shops. Or anyone have website/address for them. Seriously not doing well with searching this morning. TIA :thnk edited to add: never even thought to ask if anyone saw it in any other shops in ireland - preferably nearer to Dublin :-8
goingmad Posts: 657
The one in Limerick is very small with very little stock in it. Here's the site for all the shops - - but you would be better off seeing it in person.
lisa Posts: 1612
I found the one in limerick very good and great value. They were cheaper for most things than one or two other places I tried. Not sure if the prices are standard between their shops, presume they are.
Baby Days Posts: 218
Toblerone I have tried this buggy out it is an excellent package and value for money. I did the one handed assembly, lifting and adjusting handles and DH did the man cheking the strength and all that stuff. Overall i couldnt fault it I tried it in Galway and the staff in babyworld couldnt have been nicer they will even rent you the isofix base for €40 (i think it is 40) for as long as babs needs it which would be a bonus for us as we have 2 cars and would save all the moving and readjusting Hope that helps
Toblerone Posts: 2698
thanks so much Baby Days. We are heading over to galway tomorrow - decided to make wkend of it! Looking forward to seeing it in the flesh. thanks for URL and for info about Limerick store. :thnk
Scots Irish Posts: 32
Hi Toblerone, i would be interested to hear your feed back on this buggy if you do go and see it. I have been looking into it myself but cant find anywhere in Dublin that sells it. I might be heading to Galway at end of the month so will check it out then. It looks and sounds great... :o)ll