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Lady Di Posts: 2487
Flying visit girls as I have MIL and SIL on way over! As you all know I've been bleeding from 12 wks and am really quite a nervous wreck as I lost my first pregnancy due to extensive /bleeding haemoragging (sp?) at six months. Anyway myself and DH were pretty sick of not getting answers so were going to go in with guns blazing today. I had a big bleed just as I was walking into Blackrock so that made me more determined to give out (I'm normally not very good at that!). Anyway the outcome of it now is consultant says that part of the pregnancy sac has come away from the wall of my womb and that is where the bleeding is coming from. He didn't really assure me or worry me either as to what this means. He said he would prefer if it weren't happening but that he has seen it pleanty of times before where everything has ended up fine. Anyone heard of this before? Now that we finally have a reason I don't know what to think!! He did a scan and everything looks fine so thats great obviously!!
married wolly Posts: 120
oh please god you'll sail through now - xx
mummy bear Posts: 3824
never heard of that lady di, but at least you know something now, please god everything will be fine. mind yourself :xox
jen2 Posts: 3106
Never heard of it Lady Di. I really hope it all goes well for you. Hopefully sac and baby will stay there for a least 10 weks more. thats all you need for baby to make it. Best wishes pet, and I will say a prayer for you, each day ( or as often as I remember) until I know that you and baby are doing well. Jen2
Tigletts Posts: 2904
haven't heard of it either pet, but pg all will be well. Do get plenty of rest though. :thnk :xxx
Sphynx Posts: 6795
I don't know either Lady Di but the consultant seems to know what he's talking about and the scan looked good so that's great news!
Maybebaby1 Posts: 558
I am so sorry I have no idea but I just wanted to say take care of yourself and try and be as positive as you can. At least the scan was all ok which is great. I am thinking of you x
swissgirl Posts: 2301
No idea Lady Di, Just wanted to say that I hope it all goes smoothly from here out. It is comforting that he didnt seem to perturbed isnt it? What are your next steps are they monitoring this? Hope you are ok. x sg.
Lady Di Posts: 2487
Hi again yeah he's going to see me every three wks, he has a scanner in his rooms so he always scans me as well. In the mean time if I'm worried I just go up to Holle St. Don't know what to think really - might post a seperate post on the problem to see if anyone's heard of this, thanks guys...